Introducing myself

My name’s Beatriz Adriana Garza Moreno and I’m a student at the Polytechnic University of Victoria.

I'm 18. I'm not married, but I’m committed.


I live in at little home with my family in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico. This is a friendly city, but a little unsure.

My address is 24 and 25 Central Avenue. Fractionation "La Escondida" number 940 and my phone number is 834 109 83 79.

My family is very close.

My father’s Osvaldo Garza Salazar. He’s a great man and in charge of decision making at home with my mother Mariela Moreno Ruiz.

She’s a beautiful woman with a big heart.

I have three brothers. Osmar, Osvaldo and Julian.

The reason why I would like learn English is because I could have a great oportunity to work in better place.

I live in a old house in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.  My house it's in front of a primary "Maria Isabel Mata Alvarado". It’s small, but It’s comfortable.

There's a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and two bedrooms.

The living room has a big mirror in front of the armchair. There isn’t a very big garden, but there is a beautiful backyard.

I live with my family , Mariela, Osvaldo and Osmar , but I often feel lonely because I don't have many visitors, so my boyfriend and my friends usually come to see me .

I love my house for many reasons: the big backyard, for the good times with my boyfriend and the best of all because it is my only home.


The most famous address in Mexico City is Prol. Vasco de Quiroga 3000, Col. Santa Fe. Delegación Alvaro Obregon. This is the Calakmul building.

The building Calakmul it was built in1994 in honor of the ancient and Majestic Mayan City of Calakmul in the state of Campeche, it’s shape resembles a laundry center, so it is usually is known as “Washing Machine”.

This building serves office and comercial area. It is among the few buildings that have no railing on the outside, so it is joined the Street.

It consists of two bodies and 3 underground levels serving of parking: the first building has a cubic shaped glass and concrete. Also counting with great security systems and telecommunications equipment.

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