Emily Garner

Favorite Class: Band!

I love listening to music and learning how to read and play music.

Favorite Food: Pasta E. Fagioli

Pasta E. Fagioli is a soup that is so good and is served at Olive Garden but is even better when it is homemade.

Favorite Book: The Divergent Series

This series is about life in the future after a huge war. It is a very suspenseful thriller. It is mixed with romance and action.

Last Book I Read: Paper Towns

This a a very good book that has suspense and also has a love story behind it. I must warn you that you will be very mad at the end.

Favorite Movie: Facing The Giants

I have tons of favorite movie but I have to say the Facing the Giants is one of my top ones. This movie is a very inspirational movie that is worth definitely watching.

Favorite Musical Artist: Luke Bryan

I love his music and him! :)


I play Volleyball and Softball

I have always loved playing volleyball and softball. I have played ever since I was a little kid.

I collect snow globes

I started collecting snow globes when I was 8. I have 28 now.


I love Netflix. I watch it during my spare time. I watch all different kinds of movies and TV shows on there because I hate commercials.

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