Adventures in Backyard Chickens

The Beginning

A few months ago, @marybuffin and I decided it would be a good idea to get some chickens. Great idea, right? We decided on chickens as our first pets for a few reasons. First, let me just tell you, a cat was not an option. So chickens were the obvious next choice. We thought it would be cool to have our own eggs and have some cool pets at the same time. As we discussed the idea of having chickens, we settled on 10 as a good number to get. Ten chickens would ensure that we'd have plenty of eggs to eat. We were told that we should expect at least one of the chicks to die (none of ours did). So here we are with 10 chickens as pets. These eggs better be amazing.

The Coop

The time came when the chickens were getting to be too big for their brooder and I needed to build a coop. Since I have a great shed area that was only being used for winter wood storage, I decided to just build a box in the shed and cut out the need to make the coop water-proof. I started with a 4'x8' sheet of plywood as a base and built 4' walls and a door. Then I put in a ceiling with chicken wire for venting. One end has a second floor to give the chickens some extra square-footage.

The Run

For the run, I put up some 4' wire fencing around an area roughly 20'x15' outside the shed. The chickens have access through a whole that I cut in the side of the shed. This worked great and gave them a lot of room to run around until I got 6 more chickens. That's right, I took in some younger chickens from some friends and needed to expand the area by over double. Now there is plenty of fresh grass for them to eat.


Our first egg arrived almost a month earlier than we thought it would. Luckily, I had already built the nesting boxes and the hen knew where to go. As soon as our production picks up, you can head over to my eggs Tackk to buy them when I have extra.