Everything is a remix part 1

This website is here to bring you information about remix's, copies, inventions and other related things.  We have pictures, videos, and other sources of information on part 1 of ''Everything is a remix.''


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remix, to combine or edit existing materials to produce something new. Many artists copied from other artists to create a similar song. For example "The Lemon Song" copied off of "Killing Floor". 

       There are limits to copying, covers are performances of other peoples materials, and Knock offs are copies that sty within legal boundaries. Both are obviously legal.

Why does it matter so much?

So many artists copy off other ideas and tell of it as their own, but we don't notice it. The artists getting copied off do know and they don't like it. They took all that time to make that specific base line or rhythm and this artist takes it and gets all the fame form it. Yeah I would be mad too because when you think of it, those copiers don't really have any talent but are getting paid for it. Same goes for inventors, in the old days there were no patents. So people were free to steal with no penalty. Be happy for patents because if it wasn't for them there would be chaos.

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