Are you a...
Type 4: The More Serious Child

Primary Connection to the World: Intellectual
Primary Movement: Straightforward and exact
Primary Need: to be respected by their parents
and family members and respect them in return

Often described as...

Articulate, Bold, Clear, Concise, Deeply Loyal, Dignified, Efficient, Exact, Focused, Honorable, Literal, Logical, Mature, Precise, Poised, Polite, Proper, Reflective, Reserved, Responsible, Serious, Still, Structured, Thorough, Well Mannered, Well Behaved

Negative labels...

Bossy, Brash, Condescending, Critical, Harsh, Judgement, Know-it-all, Loner, Opinionated, Rebellious

Physical characteristics...

Face Shape: Symmetrical - parallel lines on sides of face and hair line, widows peak

Skin/Skin Texture: Smooth, clean, porcelain skin

Cheeks: High cheekbones with parallel lines

Nose: Straight, symmetrical nose bridge, sideways oval between nostrils, oval nostrils, two straight lines on side of nose bridge

Eyes: Oval, bold - if you drew a line from the outside corner of one eye all the way to outside corner of the other eye, it would make a straight horizontal line

Eyebrows: Straight lines or half of an elongated oval, bold

Hands: Long fingers are the same width all the way down the finger. Fingernail beds are straight on both sides. Smooth, porcelain skin on top of palm

Body Language

Crawling: develop by the book

Walking: straight and rigid movement, move in a straight line A to B

Sitting: straight up and down, both feet on floor, great posture, poised and erect, can sit and focus for the longest time

Standing: straight up and rigid

Voice/Language: lower pitch, clean sound, language is clear, concise and bold, say it like it is

Personal Space: organized, clean, open, no movement

Tuttle, C (2012) The Child Whisperer Live your Truth: USA pp. 297 - 300