In A Society You Need To Do it!

Utopia Society were Jonas has to fallow the rules

Utopia society

In Jonas's society one of the most important  things you need is to follow the rules. All rules are necessary because in the book Jonas talks about the rules and the consequences if you don't fallow "the book of rules.'' '' You have to discuss your dream to your family. All laws and rules are fair, because in the book nobody says anything about the rules.  there is no trouble with in the rules. it is fair.''the community.  was extraordinarily  safe, each citizen watch over protectively of all children. if the people who do not fallow the rules. there is this consequence that you will be sent out of the community. It is called released.''father looking up Gabe's name. If he had gotten caught he would been released.all consequences are fair. because there is one consequence.'' the released.'' if the don't fallow the rules then you would have sent out of the community. the rules caned be changed, but if the rules is not  that important than the community ''elder'' come discuss the rules. if the rule is  very important than they will have a conference and ask the receiver to pick if it is OK.

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