Recorders Are Here!

In fourth grade, all students will learn to play the recorder. The recorder is a small musical instrument that has a sound similar to a flute. Learning to play the recorder will increase your child’s music-reading skills, rhythm-reading skills, performance skills, and musical confidence.

All students will receive two (2) recorders: one for at-home practice and one to keep at school for music class. Students will be required to pay $7 and will be able to purchase both recorders and all learning materials for this unit with that money. Please make checks payable to RIDGE VIEW SCHOOL.

Your child’s teacher will be collecting $7 from each student to purchase his/her recorder. When all students in the class have paid for their recorders, Mrs. Loos pass out the instruments. The first classroom to turn in all of their money will be the class that gets first choice for recorders. The instruments come in five colors: red, green, gold, purple, and blue. Please turn in your money early to help ensure that your child gets the colors he/she wants.

If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Loos at Ridge View School (219-942-5614, ext. 8844) or via email at


Mrs. Loos, Music Teacher