lost & found

Photographer: Harold E. Edgerton, Harry Callahan, Chargesheimer, Edward Weston, Hiroshi Sugimoto

Idee: "Spiel - Letzter Buchstabe ergibt ersten Buchstaben"

Lost = Chaos, Found = Ordnung

"Well, it's a small voice in a big open space. Lost yes, lost oh yes. In the end comfortable being there, wherever that is. The end." (Amon Tobin)

We both take things from the world around us and we interpret them in our own way. It’s about taking things and transforming them into whatever way makes sense to you. It was a process where I’d have a song or a track in my mind, and I’d have the instruments and the textures of the sounds that I wanted, and I’d try to find different elements of those in different places. Then I put these layers of sound together, but instead of doing it like I did in the Foley Room album, with just audio, I analyzed all the sounds into those more spectral properties. This way I was able to morph them in a synthetic way. This opened up a whole other way of working for me.

Motive: Objekte, Landschaften, eine weibliche Person

monochromatic color schemes (if it represents order),  color (if it represents chaos)