Visit the Blue Ridge Region of North Georgia

By: Megan Lash and Audrey Long

Come visit the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. The Blue Ridge Mountains are a great vacation spot for the whole family with tons of fun tourists spots for all ages!

The Blue Ridge mountains get their name from their view. The Mountains give the appearance of the color blue when looked upon from a distance. The mountains are located at the northeast part of Georgia, and spread into surrounding states. The highest peak in the state of Georgia is 4,784 ft. high. This part of Georgia is a major tourist attraction for its beauty, its resources, and its many other attractions.   Many people enjoy the Blue ridge's climate year round. The region has a temperate climate.

  • The Appalachian mountains are a great place for mining. You can mine for gold and other minerals. Many people moved to the Blue Ridge region for the gold rush that happened in Dahlonega, 1828. Due to its regions beauty0, it is a hot spot for tourism.


Lumber and mining businesses are a big deal in north Georgia. Blue Ridge has lots of trees that provides the lumber for business.

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