Public Health

Prevent Promote Protect

what is public health and what skills do you need?

Public health is health services to improve and protect community health, especially sanitation, immunization and preventive medicine. Some of the skills you need are

-good communication skills

-strong work ethic

-team work skills

-interpersonal skills

-problem solving skills

-technical skills


What are the educational requirements?

Yo are required to have a masters degree and public health degree.

this a couple of colleges you can go to to get your degree in North Carolina.



-Cape Fear Community College


-NC state

What kind of opportunities of advancement do public experts get?

The average salary for a public health expert is $65,470 a year. If you work the whole year then you get 6 days off. Sick days are included and holidays are not guaranteed.It comes with health insurance.

What do you on a typical day?

- check in and sign in

-wash your hands

-Then it depends what your working on so that's probably what you'll do for the time

-check out


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