Ballad is a form of poem that is often narrative to a music. Their theme and function were came from the Germanic storytelling traditions, which is call "Beowulf." They are often perform by the musical instruments. The subject or the poems are mostly religious themes, love, crimes, and political issues. Ballads began to make modern forms at England in 15th century. It became very popular and spread into worldwide at 19th century.

Sinking into silence

by Peter Duggan

Sinking into the silence

There’s a kind of silence everywhere

As I spend this day alone

In this blessed hospital

This silence, it has grown

A voice, it seems to come through me

It’s not like me, at all

There’s a kind of mystery around

That seems so beautiful.

I sit me, by this window here

And look down at the lake

There’s nothing, seems to matter now

The ego seems quite fake

There’s a kind of mystic, magnitude

I’m feeling as I sit here

As the moments slip away

My life, it seems so clear.

The wife comes in, she’s beautiful

She stays here for a while

We speak about the things at home

And share a good few smiles

And then she’s gone, alone again

I sink into this thing

This mystery that’s all around

My heart begins to sing.