Day #1 Google Academy Sessions & More

This is day 1 of many sessions that I learned from. Please take a moment to view some of the cool stuff I learned about. If you find something that interests you or your department. please let me know in the comments below and I will be sure to have it covered in a future training.

Keynote: Dean Shareski

One of the messages in his keynote that stood out to me is in the picture above. The presenter is using a big long stick to present instead of a laser pointer. I know we are used to doing the same things because of comfort but dont be affraid to try something new. What worked in 2011-2013 may not work with the students you have in 2015. Can you remember the last time you took time out of your day to learn something new?

Google sheets template for generating random groups in your classroom. A cool way to create groups fairly if you are changing it up daily or weekly in your class. Students are able to view it being done if you prefer.

Getting  Techy with your PD

Using Tackk and Thinglink in the classroom or PLN's
by @rafranzdavis1. She was a very good and resourceful presenter.

Appfishing made by Kasey Bell using Thinglink

The theme for TCEA15 was Superheroes just like ours here at Stehlik Intermediate. Stay tuned for some super hero activities to follow.

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