Family Communication Plan

From the DPA (Disaster Prevention Association)

1. Always have a way to get to each other.

It's very important to have a way to reach one another in a family in the case of a very sudden earthquake.  There is a chance that the family members may be separated in all the confusion. If calling is not working, text messaging may be able to get around network disruptions. Be sure to alert your family and friends that they are your emergency contacts before adding them.

2. Be sure to gather the correct supplies.

Be sure to compile a list of needs BEFORE an earthquake strikes. You may be in too much of panic to decide what you need when it happens, and may pack some unnecessary  items, leaving the vital ones behind.  Phones and radios are important, and so are spare clothes. We're not going to get too far in detail, but bottom line is, make a list BEFORE disaster strikes.

3. Always set out a special destination to get to when separated.

Yes, we told you to get a means of communication to contact your family. But, having a designated spot to reach after a natural disaster is much more helpful in case you're separated. Also, this Plan could work hand-in-hand with Plan #1. You could radio or call your family, in case they forget, to come to the special spot. As the Disaster Prevention Association, we say that this is the biggest priority to settle out with your family, before anything else.

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