Endangered and Extinct Species

By: Georgia BArge

                     Endangered and Extinct Species


Extinction has happened all over the world, so has endangered species. Extinction means that the species is not around and has died out. It has happened since the beginning of time, and still is happening. Being endangered is the step before. It means that the species is almost extinct and has almost died out. There are plenty of species that are extinct or endangered. There are also many ways and reasons they are. This will talk about extinct and endangered species, how they usually die, big events that have killed most, and how we can stop it.


One endangered species is, the Bengal Tiger, which lives mostly in India. These species are beautiful creatures and most people would agree that it is sad that they are dying off. Also, the species of polar bear is almost extinct. These bears live in cold places such as Russia, Canada, Greenland, Alaska and Norway. Polar bears have been around for many years and if there mane food source, fish, stop swimming in their usual places, there is a big chance they will go extinct soon. There are also lots of extinct animals too. One group of extinct creatures were the Dinosaurs. They lived very long ago and became extinct 65 million years ago. One species of this group was, the tyrannosaurus rex. One animal that lived a after the dinos was the Do-do bird. The last bird died in 1662. But scientist are trying to bring back some extinct species using their D.N.A. on the fossils. But cloning the animals won't be easy, and it will take time and effort.

How Most Die

How most of them died/are extinct are, because they were poached or killed. Poaching is means illegally killing an animal. It is too bad that people think that they need to do that kill animals just for their skin or something on their body. Another killer is, diseases. A disease is a sickness in the body. Most modern day diseases are made by men. Swine flu killed many species and people. There are different types of swine flu, but it all started from pigs who got infected from the disease. The sickness is also called, swine influenza or pig flu. A main killer is also cutting or limiting their habitat. A habitat is a place where a species lives and grows in. The species need a home to live and cutting down trees or putting concrete in forests is not going to help. Global warming has killed/hurt many animals. Especially in the cold places like Antarctica and the North Pole. In case you didn’t know, global warming, means that our planet is getting warmer, in contrary, the ice in these cold places are melting, so there is less land to live in for the animals. Some animals at the bottom of the food chain also have to watch out for predators. This has killed many as well.

Big Events

One big event that has happened that hurt many species was, the Ordovician-Silurian Extinction, which happened 439 million years ago, do to a rising sea levels. When this happened, glaciers were melting lots. Then, 364 years ago, there was the Late Devonian Extinction. This extinction is still unsolved, but warm-water sea creatures were mostly affected. The Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction happened a while after that 65 million years ago. That extinction happened because of asteroids that hit the earth. Our people have also caused extinctions as well. This is very sad and in the future, I am sure our time will be known for polluting our earth the most that we have.

How People Can Stop It

Some ways we can help them are, don’t litter. This is because, #1, a bird or animal could try to eat it then choke and maybe die. #2, it pollutes our air and is bad for all living things. Stop cutting down animals habitat. People would not like it if someone just tore down their home to built a different building. Also, we can prevent oil spills. They can be very harmful to species. Try not to hunt as a sport. Killing animals for fun is not right and people need to stop it. One organization that helps species and our earth is the WWF organization. Their goal is to reduce the threats on earth and help our community. Please check out their website: http://www.worldwildlife.org/about You can donate money monthly to their organization and raise awwarness. For more information, visit: https://support.worldwildlife.org/site/SPageServer?pagename=donate_monthly&s_src=AWG1507SS9D2


Extinct and Endangered species are interesting and very fun to learn about. There are many kinds of animals that have died out or are close. Tons of reasons why they have been hurt are overflowing scientists brains. Now you know about different endangered and extinct species, how most of them get hurt, events that killed many, and how we can stop it. After reading this, hopefully, you have learned a few things that you didn’t know before.


Asteroids: A small rock, in space, orbiting the sun

Extinct: There is no more of that species and has died out

Endangered: That species has almost died out

Habitat: A place where a species lives and grows up

Organization: A big group that usually helps raise donations and raise awareness for someone or something.

Poaching: Illegally killing an animal

Species: A kind of anything: Animals, Plants, Organisms

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