Allison Smith

My 3 interests are------

1.) I LOVE to draw! In my free time I draw and color and just sketch when I'm bored

2.) In my free time another thing I do is sports..... my favorite sport is volleyball but I also love playing basketball and softball.

3.) I'm always listening to music... my favorite kinds of music are Punk-pop country and 80's rock

My job outside of school is helping my mom with her job as secretary of Raymond oil company, during the summer my brother and I paint tank batteries and clean the shops and vehicles for the employees.

my family is very blended my dad (Allen Smith)and my mom (Joyce Smith) have kids with other people and then me and my sister. My mother's kids are my brother (Zachary Gustus(17) my sister (Brooklyn Smith(8) and me. my dad's kids are my 3 sisters (Macreedy kocher(16) (Abigail Sessom-Smith(10) (Brooklyn Smith (8) and me.

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