Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle: Lover of History

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle has many interests outside his career as a professional business broker. He is someone who constantly likes to learn new things and explore new avenues. One of Jeff’s more cultured interests is his passion for history. History has always been a fascinating subject for Jeff and one that he has loved since a young age. He is currently enthralled with developmental history and periods of war. For Jeff, he is intrigued with seeing how the actions of our ancestors shaped the world we live in today. How the landscape of the Earth has changed based on past events. When Jeff isn’t hard at work brokering deals, he is head deep in a good history book.

As a business broker, Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle believes that by understanding the events of the past and how they have inspired the actions of today, he is able to be a better businessman. It is important for him to have a strong understanding of the economy and its behavior in order to see trends and get an idea of what the economy may do in the future. The best indicator of the future, says Jeff, is to look to the past and to recognize similar economic patterns that are in play today. This idea and his experience have helped Jeff become a better business broker.