Rosa Parks was born February 4,1913. She was a talented student. She went to school to be a teacher. She was a good young lady but she used to all ways get picked on so she got tired of them picking on her. Her parents was Leona McCauly and James McCauly and they was in a gang of the civil rights movement. She was also in the civil rights movement. Rosa was deep in the bus boycott. One day on the boycott bus on December 1, 1995 in Montgomery Alabama. Rosa was on the bus and the bus was pretty packed. She was in the black section where she supposed to have been. The white section was full so some white man had came on the bus and seen the seat pretty close to the whites. The white man said in a mean voice to Rosa get out of your seat or be removed. Rosa told the man No. The man called the police on Rosa Parks. The police had told Rosa to get up or get dragged off the bus. Rosa denied and got pulled off the bus. Rosa went to jail and soon she had died on  October 24, 2005. Rosa was very talented and smart and didn't deserve what she had gotten.

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