Should Turkey Share its Water?

By: Stephen Payne

This is a map of Turkey, as you can see Turkey as a lot of water, but Turkey is stopping the Tigris and Euphrates River from flowing into Syria and Iraq causing less water for these countries. Does Turkey have to be fair with their water?

This is the Atatürk Dam. It stops the water from flowing into Syria and Iraq from Turkey.
Turkey has the biggest population, therefore Turkey needs the most water
Turkey needs lots of water for its growing population.
Turkey already has a lot of water from the rivers in their country. They should be able to keep the water that is in their country.
Turkey really depends on the water in thier country
Turkey mainly uses its water on agriculture. Without this water Turkey can not grow crops to provide for thiercountry

My proposal for the Water Issue

I believe that Turkey should have 50% of the water, Iraq should have 30%, and Syria to have 20%. I think Turkey should be able to do what ever they want with the water that runs through their country. The water is in their territory, therefor its Turkeys. They should be able to sell it or even trade it to Syria and Iraq for needs like oil. It is important that Turkey has water so they can grow their crops because Turkey is a big farming country. Turkey is also not as corrupt as Iraq and Syria. Turkey uses its water wisely to help keep all the people living there happy.

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