The right to give blood

Gay people face many challenges in society. Sometimes they have trouble adopting children or to get married. But these challenges also include their right to give blood. In fact, in some countries, gays are still not allowed to give blood. We may think that this happens in some far and developing country, but actually, it’s happening in one of the most developed country: France. In France, since 1983 gays and bisexual are not allowed to give blood. They say, to justify this controversial la that gay people have sexual relationships, more often and more risky than other people, and that they are more at risk of transmitting AIDS. Every person that would go against this law can be subject to prosecution. This also applies to the lesbian community. The problem with this law is that it increases the risks. Sometimes gay people (maybe infected with AIDS) are going to hide the fact that they’re having sexual relationships with other men. Many politicians thought this was an injustice but none of them actually did something. In 2007, the ex-minister of health Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin promess she would allow the gay community to give blood, but she never did it. In 2009, a survey showed that 76% of french people we’re against this absurd law of not allowing gay people to give blood. The problem with this law is that it increases the risks. I personally think that this law is ridiculous. The risk is the practice, not the sexual orientation. Some heterosexuals are practicing risky sexual relationship, and they’re still allowed to give blood. Without this exclusion, we would prevent risk, increase the number of blood give and the most important, we would save more lives!

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