Courage That Shall Unite All

Courage is where people show bravery and stand up and fight there fears or somebody takes a sacrifice that could be life or death in doing a process that is dangerous and that nobody wants to do. The reason I chose courage was because I thought it shows bravery and heart with in a person and I want to be a kind of leader that does that.

I put this picture in my presentation because as kids or young adults we should be setting examples for all people younger or older so that we can have a consistent life styles of people standing up for what is  right and having heart band bravery where ever they are.

Nelson Mandela is a perfect example of what courage is with him standing up against government and doing what is right for the people of earth and what will be good for our peoples children.

The tin man shows heart the scare crows show brain and the cowardly lion shows corage or at least he tries to not act scared and fight for his jungle like any other lion would idf somebody crossed there territory.