Nathalie Marquez and Janeth Period-6th

Aequitas Equitas

"For God shows no partiality"

Blue: The blue color on the left side of the flag represents wholeness,unity and togetherness between humankind and no differentiality, were all equal.

Green: The green color on the right side of the flag represents balance between sexes in male and female

Black Diagonal Line: The black diagonal line going from left to right represents how majority rule should be used instead of totalitarian or autocratic participation.

The White Crown: The white crown in the center of the flag represents how we should be a republican government and we elect our representatives.

Constitution of

Aequitas Equitas


Those who wish to revoke Masculi's corrupt control over citizens will be welcomed with open arms to  Aequitas Equitas.


Our Purpose is to bring people together for the greater good and better the overall quality of life. We want to ensure that everyone is treated fairly without a regard of their physical appearances. To this day, Masculi has deceived millions of people and counting. They promised, "No oppression shall exist on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, or age," which was never fulfilled. Citizens never bat an eyelash at the obvious discrimination due to the fact that they are so immaculately brainwashed to think that it's right to carry on those actions.


The one and only requirement to become a citizen of Aequitas Equitas will be the want to be free and treated equally. Requirements to become a citizen of Masculi are absurd. They are classed based on characteristics that don't affect their ability to carry out simple day to day tasks. They are discriminating against those who posses lighter skin tones simply because those with darker skin tones had "Historical contributions". They even go as to say that hose with darker skin tones are  "gifted".


The Government of Aequitas Equitas will be fair. Everyone will have the right to choose what happens in their country. There will be no bias when picking legislation. Everyone will have a say and be treated fairly under the law.The ruler of Masculi is a monarchy. This means that he will have complete control over everyone. Their government will be corrupt with a unitary government. A steady bloodline would ensure that the power is kept in place. We, who stand for freedom will destroy this government and strive for equality.


Our ruler, Lilith,will let the common folk have a say in what goes on within the government. She will ensure that there is equality and freedom for all regardless of any physical attributions. The one ruler of Masculi is in charge of every little thing that goes on. He makes, enforces, and dictates what happens to those who break the law. We will work to show people how he is a dictator. There will be equality without your destiny lying on the hands of a corrupt leader.


1. We will have a federal government where common folk can go and vote for what they believe is best for the country.

2. Everyone will be treated with the same respect and equality regardless or race, gender, skin color, or religion.

3. There will be healthcare given to citizens in order to ensure a healthy and safe community.

4. People will be granted basic rights that protect any actions that decide to do as long as they don't threaten the well-being of others.

5. Everyone has an equal opportunity to hold positions of importance.

6. Both men and women have to consent before bearing a child.

7. Intimate relationships are allowed regardless of the couple's characteristics as long as no one is being harmed in any way.

8. There will no longer be any social of economical classes, everyone will be seen as equal.

9. Everyone has the right to choose what to do with any material objects they posses.

10. Government actions will not benefit a group of people with similar characteristics, they will work to provide the best for everyone.


Masculi's "education system" only favors those who fit the criteria of having dark skin. Everyone is segregated and put into different schools, which causes corruption of citizens since they're young. Even with this in mind, they are only taught what "Puer" sees fit. They aren't taught the ancient systems of knowledge. They are taught to accept and love everything their lord Puer does.


The flag of Aequita Equitas represents a new beginning of freedom. The blue represents wholeness,unity, and togetherness between humankind. The green color on the right side of the flag represents balance between sexes in male and female. The black diagonal line going from left to right represents how majority rule should be used instead of totalitarian or autocratic participation. The white crown in the center of the flag represents how we should be a republican government and we elect our representatives. Masculi's flag has deceived all of its citizens with its meaning. Their flag does not stand for equality, for everyone is put in a class. There is no purity or innocence of man, for they continuously torture citizens based on their skin color. Their lies will stop now, for we have discovered their true intentions. 


Masculi's Creator, Puer, rules with complete control of the land. He is corrupt and should not be supported. Lilith, our savior, will help guide us to freedom. She, who saw the light when it was dark will help bring back the peace that Masculi has robbed us of. She will expose them once an for all, and save us.


Lilith is a strong woman who was able to see the fault in Masculi's ways. She is our voice; she is the only one with enough courage to speak out of how we're being treated. She does not posses any superhuman abilities, because she is just like us. She has no unfair advantages over us, so she can truly see life from a perspective of someone of no high position. She had the drive to desire equality for all. She is strong and can help lead our rebellion.

Lilith's Rebellion

       Lilith’s life began no different to those of you and I’s. She lived under strict control of Puer; she had been all her life. What differentiated her was her courage and desire to be treated will the same respect as her male counterparts.                                                              She was brought up in a household with only male influences. She had three older brothers and a father. Her mother had been stoned to death after she forgot to wear identification in public five years after Lilith had been born. Lilith, at first, didn’t see the fault in Puer’s ways. She, like everyone else, was taught to cherish him and all of his doings. She believed that what he was doing was done just for the benefit of her and all the other citizens.                                                                                                                       Lilith first started noticing things were a bit off when she wasn’t allowed to look straight at her brother’s eyes in public after they had turned eighteen. After that, she began noticing little things such as not being as educated as her brothers, wearing identification while neither her father nor her brothers had this law enforced on them, and having to follow stranger’s orders simply because they were in a higher class than she was.                                                                                                                                               Lilith ended up getting fed up about being treated badly simply because she was a woman. She began an underground rebellion group filled with people of all types of ethnicities, genders, and races. They all were striving for a common goal, equality. She and the small underground rebellion began setting up posters, tearing apart anything that promotes Puer’s teachings, and spreading the word of a new and better world. Her influence became abundant with millions of people hoping to join the cause.                          To this day, the leader of Masculi, Puer, has not been able to stop Lilith from advocating for a new beginning. There are several money prizes for anyone who comes forward and gives her up. She created such a great society that not a single person out of millions has spoken of her, despite the promise of a great life. Many don’t believe that she even does exist, but the influence she has is really tremendous. She has done this country a favor, and hopefully, she can live to see it change.


Oh, Aequitas Equitas! we will strive to be free!

With strong hearts we hope to succeed

Lilith will help us keep our heads straight

For we shall be free from land to the sea

Fighting corruption will help us exceed

The land full of desire and hope

Where every citizen is a devotee

Constructing a stable government to lead

Will prevent war from disrupting our peace

We will work to fight for a common goal in which we all agree

Our savior, Lilith, will help give us what we need

For she has saved us from oppression

That of we can guarantee

We will continue to work and proceed

To become the best we can be

What we desire most is to be free

Pro-rebellion poster

Anti-dystopia Poster

The Truth Behind the Temple of Enlightenment

We are not the same, but we are all equal.” Having justice, freedom and civil rights is the proper right everyone should have when they are born. While some people may have various types of governments or beliefs, such as autocratic, oligarchic or theocracy, having a republican government is more equal for everyone since we have a greater say in how they are governed. Having a totalitarian nation is not fair, because of dictatorship and having one ruler containing all the power and “always” being right even if the action is wrong. Women are treated as if they are living in a glass ceiling, being treated unfair, themselves knowing but not being able to do much, since they follow what their ruler provides. Women are experiencing a glass ceiling, finding themselves in a trap. “Woman are the unseen, yet unbreachable barrier that keeps minorities and females from rising to the upper rungs of the ladder, regardless of their qualification or achievements”, they are a book judged by their cover. This shows how men are seen more superior than women are yet, we are all the same. Everyone comes from the same place and is raised, experiences some sort of troubling time, some worse than other but that should not make anyone gender superior than the other. Gender inequality and racial difference are supported and men are placed in advancement place than as a woman would, females getting the minor lower- paying jobs with the harder more challenging work to be accomplished. Also, they are being mistreated, not having a voice that can be heard and accounted for and go through rougher days more often than neutral or happy ones. In Overall, as time has progressed, people have stood up and spoken up with the effect of the totalitarian government decreasing, being able to discover the lies and reality. The truth, we are all born from a female, they should be at least treated with respect since they are usually the one who take care of the household and ensure their kids safety, education and overall health. We are taken care of inside their bodies for nine months, having to watch everything they do since it could affect the newborn. It may seen like they don’t do much but at one point they may do more work than a male but Physical appearance, race, gender, age and where you come from shouldn’t be a factor for people to be judgemental, but that in seeing what they are able to offer and show the world; being capable of accomplishing the same level a male can. Therefore, why be so judgemental, if we are all human with emotions whom’ have come to live for a purpose and for everyone to have equal rights, justice, freedom and opportunities to enjoy life.

Propaganda Video