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A Protech / MiB Partnership

Aerial Imagez provides high resolution aerial photography and video for commercial and consumer customers. We service real-estate builders, property managers, sports teams, the tourism industry, support municipal departments, surveyors, engineers, and anyone needing high ASL (Above Street Level) images. We are able to print images immediately after acquistion and deliver to client. Along with still photography, Aerial Imagez provides aerial video for the film industry and the before mentioned potential clients.

Real-Estate Photography

Selling property not only means having the right price for your buyers, but also the right images to entice them to want to see it. Images shot high off the ground, give potential buyers a birds-eye view of the property and it's surroundings. This converts causal browsers into actual visitors which leads to serious buyers.

Sports Photo/Video

Just like sitting in a stadium, people love the perspective that a high angle of view can give. If your a coach, being able to analyze the plays of a previous games can help to correct player movement and bring home that championship! Maybe your club wants to have all the games filmed, either way we can provide both video and photos.

Need a ladder for a rooftop inspection?

Not if you call us, we can pull up, set-up, zoom in, get the shot, print and pull off.

We did say we shoot video up high right?

Our Vehicle

Our aerial camera truck is a stable platform that allows us to capture photo and videos at 50ft, which is quite high. Having it's own onboard generator, we can power our printer and computer to edit and prints photos on the spot. We prefer to use this stable platform over drones, due to FAA regulations and the sometimes unstableness of drone equipment. If you require a higher altitude, we will then use a helicopter.

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