A casual reminder that Katherine is turning 11.

She's hopeful to get your support during this celebration.

Of course she remains a loveable, sweet little girl. Let's hope that lasts!

Katherine is turning 11 on March 25, 2013. Having successfully completed ten previous birthday celebrations she's feeling pretty good about what the near future might hold. Eleven is a big deal for Katherine. She will be among the older kids in elementary school,  she no longer qualifies for the "ten and under discount" at the movies, and of course she's one year closer to completing her Masters of Science program.

Of course Katherine's list of birthday surprises is very predictable. She would like a blue pony. But it has to be very small because now that we finally have a dog (Kobe) we can't have him getting trampled.

We all know that permanent eye makeup is high on her list, but she has to be 18 for that. She's pretty sure a new MacBook Pro with Retina display is already in her future so that leaves us with her last and most important request.  She would like someone to arrange a personal visit from One Direction, specifically Mr. Harry Styles, to our home in Austin. She will gladly open her schedule to make this less of a challenge for you, her wonderful family.

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