Richmond Friends of the Homeless
By: Kensington

Richmond Friend of the Homeless was formed (made) in 1986. It was made by a woman named Shawnee Weitzel Hansen. It was Thanksgiving of 1986 and Shawnee had 3 turkeys in his fridge. A minister on TV announced that he was in need of  food to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving. Hansen was delighted to help. She cooked the turkeys and delivered the food to south Richmond. As he went back to south Richmond to pick up his pans, he noticed a man getting something out of a trashcan for a boy. It was a turkey carcass. Hansen then made various phone calls and asked if there were any organizations that helped feeding the homeless. There were none that anyone knew of at the time, thus Richmond Friends of the Homeless was born! This organization helps underprivileged and homeless people get the attention and care they deserve. Every day they serve 300 to 450 meals, that's more then 3,000 meals every week! The organization and its volunteers visit places like Brandermill Church, St Michael Catholic Church, and Mt Vernon Baptist. It doesn't only feed the homeless, Richmond Friends of the Homeless also does camps for children. They take kids to fun places like the Science Museum or Chuck E. Cheese. These children are not like you and I, they are children that don't have everything that we do, like food for instance. As they are registered into the camp, they are mentored and given school supplies and even groceries. As well as serving homeless people, Richmond Friends of the Homeless also serves homeless animals! There are many fundraisers to support the stray and hungry dogs and cats if Virginia. (Like the picture below) So if you ever get the opportunity to help Richmond Friends of the Homeless, sign up and help your Virginia community.

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