Week of April 13

What actions did you run on your photos?

My future: I used Fresh & Colorful, Define & Sharpen, Sharpen THIS, and BW-Feelin Grey (minus the black and white).

Starts with R: I adjust the basics in Lightroom. Then I used Soft & Faded and Perfect Portrait.

In my hands: I used Pure B&W, Perfect Portrait 3, and Quick Edge Burn.

Under my feet: I used Autumn Pop, Pure B&W, and Spotlight Drama.

Why did you run these actions?

My future: I wanted to highlight the lens.

Starts with R: I wanted clear up the picture.

In my hands: I wanted it to be black and white to bring out the necklace.

Under my feet: I made the photo black and white because it looked better.

Which is your favorite photo? WHY

My favorite photo is In my Hands. I like how the hands are soft and how the necklace stands out.

Which is your least photo? WHY

My least favorite is Under my Feat. The photo is too fuzzy in some spots.

My Future
Starts with R
In my hands
Under my feet