Lemuer Esquilin                                                                                                       1-28-15

                      A Day In My Life

What i did on the snow day 1-27-15. I got up went to bathroom got in the shower got out dried up brushed my teeth. After that i went upstairs went to the fridge got a hot pocket put it in the microwave.while it was in the microwave and went upstairs to my sisters room to check if she was there and if she was fine. So i went back downstairs to eat it get a drink and chill.

After i was done eating it i went to the living room and sat on the couch. I was on the phone for a little bit then after that i layed down and turned on the television. I put on the phl17 channel and watch the Steve Wilkos show. Then my sister called me and told me to get dressed that my dad was gonna pick us up so i got ready and waited a couple minutes. so he picked us up and we had to go to NJ real quick to do something for y brother.

After that we came back to Philly and went to my dads shop. I was chilling for a little bit then after a little bit i was with my uncle moving around cars. after that i went and was dealing with my own car to turn it on. After i did everything then i was waiting for my brother to come back and go home. When i got home i just sat on the couch watched TV shows with my mom and watched the new then went down to my room went in the bathroom and went to sleep. That's what i did on the snow day.

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A Day In My Life

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