Are You Well Aware Of The Important General Insurance Types in India?

General insurance remains to be one of the most discussed topics. People consider various types of them and which to choose from. Hence, as per common public, this topic is important as it refers to the coverage of various costs in terms of damage to personal property, medical costs for certain illnesses etc.

In simple terms, general insurance gives crucial financial benefits during critical situations. Therefore knowing about their types in India becomes important.

In this article I am going to provide information on various types of general insurance in India and benefits of each of them.

Car insurance

Vehicle (car) is one of the expensive possessions a person owns. Therefore, car insurance policies have an important place in many people’s lives.There are crores of car owners in India who get their car insured from credible general insurance companies in India like Bajaj Allianz.

Benefits of car insurance-

Car insurance givescar owners various benefits. It provides comprehensive coverage for any physical damage to the car. Also it provides coverage against3rd-party liabilities which is a great benefit.

When your car is insured from a credible general insurance company in India, youdon’t lose yourpeace of mind if anything happens to your car. It’s because the insurance company takes care of damage costs incurred.


He loves to ride his bike and she loves her scooty ride!Whatever it is, two-wheeler is one of the most loved possessions of a human-being. It resembles freedom. However, have you insured your two-wheeler?

Benefits of two-wheelerinsurance-

Getting propertwo-wheeler insurance from a trusted general insurance company in India is important so that you don’t lose your freedom in case of mishaps.

Two wheeler insurance provides hassle-free protection for your bike/scooter against any physical damages, theft and 3rd-party liability.

Certain general insurance companies in India even provide Personal Accident Coverage up to Rs.1 lakh for the two-wheeler’s owner/driver in case of any accident. There are also personal accident covers for the co-passengers as well!

You can browse through such insurers easily online and get all the information you need before purchasing the plan.

Health insurance-

We are all aware of rising medical costs and how expensive they are! Hence, a comprehensive health insurance for you andyour familyis the perfect solution to ensure everybody’s good health.

Benefits of health insurance-

It’s advisable to buy a comprehensive health insurance plan from a trusted general insurance company in India. It covers costs of expensive medical treatments incurred during hospitalization due to certain illness or accidents.

A proper health insurance sustains your savings which otherwise may collapse during unexpected accident or illness. When there’s a comprehensive health insurance in place you don’t have to worry regarding huge expenses during emergencies and receive proper treatment without any worries!

I hope this article helped to make you aware of the importance of getting a general insurance and their benefits. However, remember that always get a general insurance from trusted general insurance company in India and read the offer related documents carefully before investing.