Sodium Carbonate

By: Luke B. and Chase O.

Question: What part does an element, particle, atom, and molecule have in the relationship of calcium carbonate?

Our answer:

-Atom: The substance sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) has 2 sodium atoms and 3 cobalt atoms. A sodium carbonate molecule has 2 sodium atoms connected to 3 cobalt atoms.

-Element: The substance sodium carbonate, is an element on the periodic table (Na) is its own element.

-Particle: Sodium carbonate has many particles that make up the substance.

-molecule: The molecules in sodium carbonate make it so when it comes in contact with a liquid, it has a reaction.

-Sodium carbonate is baking soda and also soda ash. It can be used to clean something and its even in some types of cat litter. It take away the smell of something. It is also used to clean and you can combine it with peroxide paste and you get toothpaste.

-It is most common in cooking and cleaning.

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