WWWeb Wonders!

I know that a lot of you are excited about the roll-out of the new laptops, and so am I!  I thought I'd just share a few easy sites that you might want to use with your students to get them started.

1.  Read, Write, Think's Acrostic Poem generator is great for Thanksgiving!  You can have students use this site to create lovely acrostic poems of things for which they are thankful.  This would be a fantastic activity for parents to see during American Education Days!  

2. Interactive Thanksgiving:  Investigating the first Thanksgiving, your students will become little historians on this interactive journey about those first Pilgrims and Native Americans!   Kids in grades 3-5 will just LOVE exploring on their own!

3. Thanksgiving Sudoku:   Sudoku puzzles are a good way to challenge kids.  A lot of our students don't know this skill, or tend to give up too easily.  This is a great brain exercise that teaches kids to stick with a problem until it's solved!

4. Thanksgiving Video Writing Prompts:  Using Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving, this site has the embedded video and suggested writing activities to motivate your students.  Why not have them write their stories in Microsoft Word - with hands on home row, of course!

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