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Make Meaningful Media

We're the Virginia Trekkers.  We travel the state of Virginia (and beyond) making educational videos.

Why make videos in the classroom?

How often do you watch YouTube videos? Take this poll

What about the rest of the world?  Look at these stats!

What's the #1 video on YouTube? Don't click here or you'll interrupt the whole presentation

Alright, so videos are cool and all, and kids really like them, but do they learn from videos???

Let's try an experiment!

  • What do you know about fracking? Take this quiz
  • Now watch this (or try this) actually, don't because we're going to show you the video, but I wanted to show you some other ways to show YouTube videos in a simple clean player.
  • Now let's see what you learned!  Click here and log in as a student in room #59635

So students can learn from videos, and they learn even more if they make their own.  Making videos not only motivates students with different learning styles and abilities, but it encourages review. How?

Student Examples

Step 1: Planning Your Video

Step 2: Creating Your Video

Step 3: Sharing & Publishing Your Video

Now It's Your Turn!

We want you to create a quick video telling how to do something. You can use any of the sites above.  You can work in a group or work by yourself.  When you are finished, put the link or file in my Dropbox (I'll give you the password) then I can direct link to it by putting it in my Public folder, or I can quickly drop it onto an online sharing site like our VSTE DropMark (and I want to share another cool site for quickly sharing pictures: CoMemories).  You only have about 10 minutes and we'll time you using an online stopwatch like this or this.  I might even grade you with my online gradebook using my online rubric!

  • How to tie a tie
  • How to put on make up
  • How to do the "Gangam Style" dance
  • Whatever you want!

Here's a link to a video of a kindergarten class I taught using an animation of Martin Luther King, Jr. created with SitePal.  Click here to view it.

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