Here are my top five mobile apps for K-12 Education!

1) Duolingo

This app is actually really cool! I've known a couple of people who are ESL really enjoy this app, as it helps to easier transition many native languages into English, and vice versa. As an English minor in my degree, any app that helps to make English more accessible is a positive one for me. Duolingo offers help in French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English. (A good friend of mine actually used this app to help with her Opera singing in Italian!)

Duolingo would be perfect to use in any English, or ESL classroom as a supplement to learning English. It's a great resource, and a fun way to help transition into "Standard English" within a classroom.

2) Story Kit

Story Kit is an Android based app that is all about creating Electronic Story Books. It enables students to create their own story using their own recorded voice, either importing or drawing in their art, and writing in personalized text.

This app would have plenty of uses in a K-12 setting, whether it be an English class, creative writing, a Digital Arts class, or a Fine Arts class. It has endless uses within the classroom and I feel as though many different teaching styles could accommodate this app into their mobile learning.

3) Kindle

Kindle is a personal favorite of mine, as I use it quite frequently. Kindle is an "e-reader" app that has access to thousands of free written works ranging from newspapers, to full length novels. As someone who uses it on a near daily basis, Kindle has the potential to be wildly successful in the future of mobile learning within the K-12 system.

Kindle has potential in almost any English, literature, or social studies classroom in my opinion. With the open access to so many free resources, on a free app, especially in my mind is very appealing to teachers who are often on a budget. Having "virtual library" at the tip of the fingers has the potential to completely overtake and rewrite how English classes are going to be focused going into the future. Kindle is a complete game changer going forward in mobile learning.

4) Alphabet Writing

Alphabet writing is a pretty interesting app in the fact that it allows paperless writing. I know, not that original, but the usefulness of this app going forward into a less paper centric K-12 system is quite helpful. While not that helpful for advanced English students in the school system, Alphabet writing is rather unique in the way that it allows students to trace letters while learning to write them. I personally remember having to do this in books, that only had a limited amount of repetitions. (My handwriting is absolutely horrid, I blame it on the lack of repetition as a child haha!) With Alphabet Writing, the virtually unlimited attempts of repetition will vastly improve students handwriting in a more "perfected" sense.

Also, the fact that Alphabet writing is done by a touch screen, rather than by pen and paper, allows a much more direct approach to writing which is crucial in my mind to helping younger learners learn.


Alright, I know. This app is pretty far out of left field for the English lover! However, this app is actually pretty sweet! I downloaded it when I saw it in the example to check it out, and I think it's quite interesting. The NASA app is a wonderful way to keep track of the exploration of Space, and what NASA has going on, on a day to day basis. One of the really interesting parts of the app is that it actually links you to the Social Media accounts of NASA. As someone who is a self proclaimed "nerd" I find it really interesting to keep track of one of the Earth's top Space research programs!

In the classroom, this definitely has a place on more of the science side of teaching. While I doubt I could use it in my classroom, I know virtually every physics classroom could benefit from keep up to date with NASA information.

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