Devistation in Nagasaki

on august 6, 1945 america dropped atomic bombs on nagasaki japan, just a few days after heroshima japan was bombed. these two event were caused by the agressive japanise soldiers threatening america. today, a month later, people are still dieing from the nuclear gasses. a total death count is still unknown. we will keep you updated with the US TODAY! "our life will be changed forever."

On the other hand, the us has gave up some important news. Hitler has killer himself.

we have now ended the war with japan and the allied powers. let the peace begin. we will start to grow. no more starving and fighting for life.

the devastating pearl harbor

America has faced another tragic event. at approxamately 9:15 am last week, december 7, 1941, hawaiis navy/air force pearl harbor was bombed. it was bombed by japan. we have since declared war. they claim the attack was to gain wealth for their country. "it was like bees." marcos stated.

"we were on our way home and saw the smoke" stated rosa lealand . "it was like the world was on sinking like toys." a total of