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Personal and Professional Information

My name is Laura, I'm from Salt but I've been living in Girona for the last decade. I've got a degree in Translation and Interpreting and I've been teaching English for the past six years, both in primary and secondary schools. In my free time I like reading 19th and early 20th century English and French literature, watching independent films as well as British and American TV shows, listening to 60s, 70s and 80s music, and travelling.

My Expectations

In this course I expect to learn new ICT tools and how to use them with my students, as well as 'offline alternatives', since Internet access in the schools is often lacking. During my teaching experience these years I've been trying different resources. Whereas some of them have been really useful and successful among the students, others seemed promising at first but ended up being a waste of time once I had tried them in class. I suppose it's a matter of trial and error, since what works perfectly fine with one group is a complete failure with another. We always need to take into account our students' abilities and interests.


Over this week we've learnt a lot of applications. I'm specially interested in trying podcasting. I think it offers many possibilities and is a very good tool to improve pronunciation and fluency. I'm also keen to try storytelling apps, since they look like a very fun way for students to practise writing skills. I also think it'd be nice to have a class blog where we can upload the course projects throughout the school year.

Work Samples

diigo - my bookmarks

Here's some of my bookmarks. In the future I'd like to create some lists by topic (i.e., grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, dictionaries, etcetera).

wordle - Clothes vocabulary

I think Wordle could be a very useful tool to organize and learn new vocabulary in beautiful and colourful shapes.

tagul - Christmas, Halloween and Animals word clouds

Tagul is an even more visual resource than Wordle to learn or review vocabulary, since you can create really nice and original word clouds.

Thinglink - Interactive Images

Thinglink is a very interesting and user-friendly resource to create interactive images, it's especially useful for reviewing vocabulary or describing pictures.

Soundcloud - podcasting

Guessing game: each student records a message telling what they are wearing. Then, the teacher plays the audios and the students have to guess who's talking.

Glogster - My PLE

This is a poster of my Personal Media Environment. You can find useful links and examples of the resources I use in my lessons, such as flashcards, videos and cultural activities.


My expectations have been met, since we have tons of new tools to explore. Thanks a lot, Mita! I'm eager to use some of these new resources next year, as long as my next school is well equipped. Unfortunately, this is not the case in most schools. Sometimes we only have a traditional blackboard and we can consider ourselves lucky if we have Internet access and a functioning computer and projector. Having individual computers or laptops is a rare luxury for many schools.

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