South Africa Global Village

Throughout the year, we learned about South Africa through current events, and by meeting with our liaison, Mrs. Andreou. We also learned about the country when we studied Africa in class.

Problem #1

Problem #2

South Africa is known to have the biggest HIV epidemic in the world. The average amount of people living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa in 2012 was 6.1 million. Currently there is no cure for HIV/AIDS, but doctors have come up with vaccines that can help prevent and help treat. There is about 35 million people living with HIV/AIDS in the world today.

Problem #3

In this graph it shows us that South Africa has the lowest employment population in men and women. South Africa has the lowest employment population for men and the second lowest employment population for women. This is a problem for South Africa because it means that their country is living in poverty. This graph also shoes us that South Africa does not have enough available jobs or people that have an education for a job. Lastly the graph means that South Africa is behind in employment population, which conveys that South Africa is less developed.

Problem #4 renewable usage in South Africa

             This political cartoon represents the power blackouts going on in South. It shows Santa Claus trying to find South Africa. You can grasp that he can not fond sputh Arica because of all the power blackouts. They call the blackouts load shedding this is because that is what Eskom,the power company of South Africa,  says they are doing when the power goes out. You can tell that people get frustrated because the reindeer is very unhappy. If South Africa would use more renewable energy then there would be less electrical blackouts.

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