What Is A Tissue

any of the distinct types of material of which animals or plants are made, consisting of specialized cells and their products.

Cheyenne Roupe Anatomy 9-27-13 period 7

The Four Types of Tissues

The four primary tissue types : Epithlium, Connective tissue, Nervous tissue, and muscle-interweave to form the fabric of the body.


Epithelium functions include the protection, absorption,friction, and secretion. The epithelium of the skin protects against bacterial and chemical damage. That lining the respiratory tract has cilia, which sweep dust and the other debris away from the lungs.

Connective tissue they are primarily involved in protecting, supporting, and binding together other body tissues.

Nervous tissue also called neurons. The irritability and conductivity are the two major functions.

Muscle tissue are highly specialized to contract or shorten to produce movement.


1. Epithelium- lines and covers surfaces2. Connective tissue- protect, support, and bind together3. Muscular tissue- produces movement4. Nervous tissue- receive stimuli and conduct impulses

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