By: Brett Buchanan

It is so nice to know that every year my favorite season comes around and that same season is baseball season. It’s so much fun smelling the fresh flowers and getting to take in that smell of fresh dirt that you can dig into and in slow motion. And it comes up in a big poof cloud when you clap your hands.when preseason training comes around and you get to smell the freshly cut grass that looks like painted lines on the field.  

It looks like beautiful flowers blooming in the cool breeze. Pushing them against the earths hard surface.It looks like me crushing a baseball into the stands when a pitcher is throwing meat.It looks like me at a friends house jumping on their trampoline. It looks like me making a diving catch and every one saying “nice catch” and “great dive, ya nice snag.” It looks like nothing because i’m striking everybody out.

What I hear in my favorite season is morning birds chirping in the sunlight their little song”tweet tweet chirp chirp.” When the breeze is blowing up and down it sounds like a dream or a fairy tail.When the rain is pouring down it sounds so dull and empty but when you go out and play in the rain it could be fun because you would get wet and it could be scary because of the sound’s of the thunderstorm. It sounds like the breeze blowing smoothly like a silk piece floating just above the water rushing by”swish swish swish swash.”

What I taste is sunflowers seeds crunching down on the crispy shell crunch! And in one bite it comes back out all juicy and wet from the spit in your salty to be hydrated mouth.Turkey, Turkey I know it’s not thanksgiving but in the best season ever so why not eat turkey it’s golden brown and ready to eat shot or not it still taste good and the smell is always smelling great in my neighborhood . Easter food is so great the grapes are all ways so juiced and when you pop into one the little juicy drop squirt out.  

This season makes me feel like I can do anything if I put my mind to it.I feel like this is my time to get back in the zone and start cranking them again. This makes me feel like somebody is telling me to get ready for baseball season you know train,do core,and pitching classes and just do my best.

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