Fairy Birthday Party

The Enchanted Birthday Party

Turned the dining room into an enchanted room.  Hung moss and ivy over the chandelier, and ran white tulle and white lights from the center of the room.  Each girl had a place card that had their "fairy name" and what kind of fairy they were.  Plastic bottles filled with purple rose petals with a card attached on how to catch a fairy.  The glass jars were for sand art.  Hid plastic gemstones all over the house and the girls received small bags to fill, the girl with the most gems won.  Made toad stool mushrooms out of marshmallows and mini brownies.  Made toad stool cupcakes topped with fairys.  Had berries and other fruits for the fairy theme.  We also did a pixie relay game and sent off chinese lanterns in a fairy ceremony.  One of the best birthday partys yet!

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