Imperialism of Africa

Thesis statement

This should be an analytical statement in response to the prompt:

Evaluate the effects of imperialism on your assigned African country.

Adding Images

When adding images, just be sure to add the URL in the caption of the image, as well as including the full MLA citation in your Works Cited section at the bottom.

This is how I added these images (whoa, so meta!)

After clicking the Photo Button (as noted above), I added multiple images to create a gallery (you can do one at a time, though).

If you click through the images, you can see that each one has a caption with at least the link to the image. These can all be found in the works cited section at the bottom.

There should be a brief description of your image/multimedia item below it to help explain its relevance to your topic.

Adding other forms of media

Some examples of a media link:

Works Cited

Fernandez, Anna. "Nature." Photograph. 500px. 12 Feb. 2015. Web. 7 July 2015.

Parini, Sergio. "Father & Friend." Photograph. 500px. 20 April 2014. Web. 7 July 2015.