Water Pollution

Water pollution is a big deal. It has changed and destroyed som much on this earth effecting animals and us.

The mane problem caused by pollution is the animal life it kills. Dead fish, crab, birds, Dolphins and many other creatures often wind up on the beaches killed by pollution in there habitat.

Theres a rubbish dump twice the size of the united states floating in the pacific ocean. It stretches from of the california coast, across the northern pacific, past Hawaii and almost as far as Japan. This dump is full of plastic bags,lego pieces, balls, bottles and so on. All this rubbish is kept together by swirling currents on the ocean bring the rubbish together. The rubbish dump is made up of two linked areas either side of Hawaii. Around one fifth of the junk is thrown off ships or oil platform, while the rest comes from land.

Not to mention it could also be killing us, because the rubbish in the sea its attracting man made chemicals that can enter the food chain. So what goes into the ocean goes into these animals and onto our dinner plate, it’s that simple.