Day 7 (Thursday 5/8)

Voyage to the South: Mini Golf and the Infamous Crabby Mike's

"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not."

Competition, laughter, mini golf, and seafood made up our day. Everything was, as usual, laid back and relaxed. No specific agenda, no rushing or pressure. It was peaceful. Most of us woke up late, and comfortably sat around soaking up the feeling of inner peace until we decided on mini golf. Despite the heat, golfing was enjoyable for all of us, even if we weren't all that great. After golfing for a while, the unspoken decision for dinner to occur next was made. One of the picky members of our group claimed himself the "seafood expert" and got final say on where we ate. Which turned out to be quite ordinary and rather pricey for what we were offered. It was better than nothing and we all left the restaurant without an ounce of hunger resonating in our stomachs.

All in all, we had yet another great day, as redundant as that sounds. It seems as if there are no bad days on vacation.