Goal 8: Develop a global partnership for development

An overwhelming number of the worlds population lives in poverty stricken countries who are less developed and receive inadequate support from their more developed counterparts. The problems lies in a lack of motivation, a lack of resources but most importantly an even larger lack of opportunity. These countries are in turmoil and therefore making it harder and harder for the people to accumulate any type of wealth. Creating a bridge; a global partnership, will be the stepping stone to furthering the development of these countries. The United States already provides billions of dollars worth of food, water, military training, military occupation etc. This support should be making change assuming it was used correctly and the plan drafted detailing it's use was effective. Unfortunately this is not the case in many places such as Afghanistan, something that will be expanded on in the following video.

So what should happen?

First and foremost, the United States needs to look to the Union that they are apart of and decide which apartments require reform. They need to create a list of countries who are in desperate need of foreign aid. Then create a comprehensive plan for each situation that provides projected costs, a time frame and the amount of resources to be allocated to each situation. If such communication and action can be carried out, then the global partnership that would result could help develop less developed countries and strengthen the Union as a whole.

As we can see, refugees are trying perilously to escape their home countries and make the trek to the safety and opportunity that Europe offers. More then 27,000 refugees since 2000 have died trying to make this journey. Coming from countries such as Israel, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and even Kosovo. Tackling this problem from a global standpoint will help lower the rate of refugees and help the countries they come from.

By Anthony Libetti

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