Reincarnation or coincidence?

Joanna and Jacqueline Pollock , ages eleven and six were sisters that were very close. They were catholic and went to church every Sunday. In England on May 5, 1957, tragedy struck. The girls and a friend named Anthony Layden were walking to their local church. When they were killed by a car whose driver wasn’t in control over his vehicle. They were thrown into the air and killed instantly. After the girls were killed, their mother became pregnant that next year. The father knew they were going to be twins. Doctors told them that was impossible but sure enough it wasn’t. On October 4, 1958 the twins were born. When they were one they moved to Whitley Bay, where they were raised.

Jennifer and Gillian were identical twins. Soon they came to realise the identical twins had different birthmarks, oddly they had a duplicate of their deceased sisters. Jennifer had a birthmark on her forehead in the same place Jacqueline had a scar. She had another one on her waist where Jacqueline had a scar. It was odd that Gillian was shortage of these markings. With the birthmarks it was strange how the twins acted like their deceased sisters. Their parents just watched the girls close and went on with their lives.

When the twins were three and a half their father John Pollock decided to move back to their previous hometown of Joanna and Jacqueline. When they arrived it was strange. The twins pointed out places where they had previously been and the places they had played. They knew when their school would be coming up when it wasn’t around. When they passed their old house they recognized it, the father had said nothing. How could the twins remember? John and Florence Pollock hadn’t said a word about any of the places. The girls weren't even old enough to go to school so how could they remember a school they had previously went to? The twins were also one when they moved. Therefore there is no possible way they remembered their house and play areas. Jennifer and Gillian received Joanna and Jacquelines toy box six months later. When they received the gift they were happy and excited it was like they had a happy place with the toy box. The twins could name every single doll that was there. They recognized all of them and remembered all of the names of the dolls. Did they remember them? Or did they just make up names? We don't necessarily know for a fact.

Even spookier... The twins would play a game that was very distressing for their mother, Florence Pollock. In the game Gillian would lay with Jennifer's head in her lap. The girls would pretend Jennifer was dying, and would scream “ the blood’s coming out of your eyes! That’s where the car hit you.” What was strange, not either parent talked to the girls about the tragedy. That isn’t the only time the girls had done something like this. A different time Florence heard screaming she didn’t know what it was but she came outside to see and when she did it was the girls. Florence witnessed the girls holding onto each other, the girls were scared and didn’t really know what was going on but they were looking into the direction of a car that was coming. The girls were crying and screaming “ the car is coming at us!”

How could the girls reenact the death of their sisters? They didn’t even know how they had past. The theory of the twins is reincarnation. Is it true? Many have tested it some have came to the conclusion of yes but some have not. Most reincarnation is found in Eastern and Western countries that is only if you have a strong belief in it. But this happened in England. Reincarnation was considered to be an abnormal idea which was not in a catholic style. So when the catholic father broadcasted his daughters were proof of reincarnation it was a very testing time period.

Around the times of the girls being five John and Florence didn't notice much more. The family lived a normal family life.


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