Family Problems

By: Kyla Jackson

Because, the teens think they are response or their parents divorce.Some kid feel guilty about their parents divorce because, they say they are the ones who starts parents fights. These feelings are very typical and talking about them with a friend,family member, or trusted adult can really help.It may seem hard, but it is possible to cope with divorce and have a good family life in spite of some changes divorce may bring.Did you know it’s really common for teens to think that their parents' divorce is somehow their fault? Just try to remember that parents' decisions to split up are to do with issues between them,and not because of something you might have done or not done.Some kids feel guilty about what happened, or wish they had prevented arguments by cooperating more within the family,doing better with their behavior, or getting better grades. But separation and divorce are a result of a couple's problems with each other, not with their kids. The decisions adults make about divorce are their own.

  • Family issues could mean many things such as family parents getting a divorce,money issues, fighting over the children,separation,an alcoholic or drug addicted parent,abusive parent.

5 Facts

  • Frequent arguing- the parents arguing every single
  • Disagreements-the parents
  • Breakdown in communication-
  • Angry outbursts-
  • Avoidance-
  • Physical conflict-

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