The parasite Toxoplasma gondii, causes the disease Toxoplasmosis.
The people at risk are the ones who have weak immune systems and babies whose mother becomes infected for the first time during pregnancy.
The sources of the disease from what people eat come from Contaminated water and meat that is raw or not well cooked.

Other sources come from utensils or cutting boards after they've had contact with raw meat, feces from an infected cat, an organ transplant or blood transfusion from an infected person.

The incubation period is approximately one to three weeks.
The symptoms vary depending on how healthy the person is

Most infections do not produce any symptoms. Symptoms in healthy people can include enlarged lymph nodes in the head and neck, headaches, mild illness with fever, muscle pain, sore throat, and in rare cases the person can experience eye disease with visual loss can occur. Symptoms in people with weakened immune systems can be severe. The symptoms include confusion, fever, headaches, blurred vision, and seizures.

The disease is dangerous enough to where if it's sever it can cause damage to the brain, eyes, and other organs.

You can prevent the illness by avoiding intake of undercooked and raw meats, freeze meat to -4 ° F for 2 days, wash hands, surfaces, and utensils thoroughly with soap and water after contact with raw meat.You should also wash your hands thoroughly after contact with cat feces or soil that is contaminated with cat feces, and wash raw fruits and vegetables before eating.

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