Domains and kingdoms

Archaea domain/kingdom

Archaea domain: any cells that live in extreme environments

Archaea kingdom: contains unicellular prokaryotic cells that can be hetoratrophic or autotrophic (reproduces asexual)

Bacteria kingdom/domain

Bacteria kingdom: unicellular, lives in a normal environment, asexual

Bacteria domain: prokarotes,that cant live in extreme environments.

Domain Eukarya

consists of multicellular organisms                                                                                        Eukaryota organisms  include animals, and plants                                                              reproduces asexually and sexually


unicellular eukaryotic organisms                                                                                           reproduce asexually                                                                                                            

kingdom: fungi

Eukaryotic  heteratrophic  multicellular organisms .

can reproduce asexually or sexually. heteratrophic

kingdom : plantea

multicellular, Eukaryota's

reproduces asexually or sexually

involves trees, flowers, plants basically.  autotrophic

kingdom: Amelia

multicellular organisms

eukaryotes and reproduce sexually.