UT Austin

Herman Duncan

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern,

Herman Duncan is a great student and it is with no hesitation that I write this letter of recommendation for him. He would really love if he were accepted into your school the University of Texas at Austin. Accepting him would not only be good for him but good for the school. He is a hard worker and a straight A student.

Herman has always been determine to get good grades in school. He is also very competitive in getting straight A’s. Whenever he gets a B in a class he always works harder and does his best to bump that grade up to an A. He is also a pretty good long distance runner for track and cross country and i believe he would make a good contribution to the the Longhorn’s sports program. Plus he is an honest person who always gets to wherever he is needed on time and doesn’t make excuses when he doesn’t.

Herman Duncan is not only a good candidate to accepted into your school, he is the best candidate for your school. And I believe accepting him would add an improvement to your school. If you have any questions regarding Herman please feel free to e-mail me at colonelawsomo@gmail.com.

Best wishes,

Patrick Duncan

Cross Country Coach

St. John High School

El Paso Texas 79938

Phone: 210-551-7783

Email: colonelawsomo@gmail.com

Persuasive Essay

It would be an amazing opportunity to be accepted into your school, the University of Texas at Austin. I am a great candidate for being in your school because i am a great student and I am a hardworking person.

I am great student and have always been on top of my grades. I am a straight A student who is determined to always do his best in everything he does. For example, In my AP Human Geography class I had an 84 I did not like that grade so I worked very hard and did everything that I needed to take care of to get my grade in the 90’s range. I am always determined to get an A and school comes first so if you do decide to accept me you should see only A’s from me. When it comes to work that needs to be turned in or a project that needs to be done you can depend on me that I will get it done and turned in on time.

In addition I am a hard worker in whatever I put my mind to. In track and cross country I go to every practice and work very hard to get a better time in the next meet. Also, when I do not do very well in a meet I go to practice the next day and work even harder than before so that I will do better and I will place in the next meet. If you do accept me you will expect nothing but hard work and a set mind from me.

In conclusion, it would be an awesome opportunity for me to be accepted in your school. If you do accept me then you will get nothing but good grades and a hard working and determined student.

Cover Letter

Dear Whataburger,

I am applying to one of your fry cook positions because I would love to work there and I need the money to pay for my tuition at the University of Texas at Austin.

I am currently enrolled in Computer Engineering courses at the University of Texas at Austin and am in need of a job. I have not worked in a restaurant before but am experienced in cooking food in fasts amount of time. I am a good team player and I work well with others even when me and the other persons do not get along all the time. It is a rare occurrence where a person and I do not get along but it does not affect me in the work environment. I would be a great addition to your staff because I am a hard worker and work well under pressure. Also, I am good at coming in on time (usually I come in a little bit early) and leaving on time (never early).

This job will give me a way to keep on going to school and continue my education. It will also give me valuable work experience for the future. I would like to be given the chance of having an interview with you so that I may further discuss why I would be great addition to your staff.

I thank you for giving me a piece of your time and your convenience. If you would like to contact me you can e-mail me at batman34789@gmail.com .


Herman Duncan

14323 Kiowa Point Ave

El Paso, TX 79938




Career Objectives

I would like to obtain a salary so that I may use it for educational purposes

Education History

July 2014 - May 2018

Pebble Hills High School
High School Dploma
El Paso, Texas

Work Experience

May 2011 - Aug. 2012

My neighbor
Dog Sitter/Walker
Odenton, MD, Maryland

» My brother and i walked and fed their dog every day. We were paid 25 dollars a week each.

Extracurricular Activities

Track and field, Croos Country

Skills & Abilities

» Able to multitask
» Committed
» Good communicator
» People person
» Problem-solver
» Team player

Mama Duncan My mother 14323 Kiowa Point avenue El Paso, Texas 79938 1(210)355-8453 duncanesther4@gmail.com