Silk Road

Ryan Scheetz

The Silk Road is a Transcontenital triad route that affected the lives of many people in Euerasia in 200 b.c. The Silk Road Trade Route is 7000 miles long, And went across many country's including the medditeranin region, India, Persia, Arabia, Africa, Byzantium, and China. The Silk Road had many major trading items including gold, ivory, and glass. But hence the name Silk was the major item of trade.many items were imported and exported using the Silk Road Traderoute. Some of the major imports into China were gold, ivory, and glass. The exports out of China were silk, bronze, and jade. The Silk Road wasn't only just a trade route, it was a way of life, by changing the life's of many people, and cultures by introducing new stradagies, languages, and helped majorly with the building time period. With new architecture ideas it advanced these continents and led the Silk Road to becoming one of the biggest trade routes ever made.

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