Children's Health Fund

Data to Support Success:

1989: Successfully lobbied for amendment to Homeless Assistance Act to benefit children

1995: Kids First, Kids Now campaign brought awareness to children's health issues

2000: Conducted survey that revealed nearly three million children miss medical appointments because they don't have transportation. This research and other efforts by CHF led to the United We Ride executive order, which made it easier to set up transportation programs for children and supported these efforts with federal funding.

2006: CHF sponsored a report on the effects of disasters like hurricanes on children. This report led to congressional funding for projects to help victims of natural disasters.

2008: Congress established the National Commission on Children and Disasters, partly as a result of CHF's advocacy.

How does it operate?

-Led by co-founder Irwin Redlener

-Funded by donations

-Hold events and fundraisers

-Set up mobile care units to offer health service to homeless and underprivileged children

-Conduct research and present findings to Congress

-Affiliated with hospitals in 15 states

What issue does it deal with?

-Helping children, especially underprivileged and homeless children, receive the medical care they need by:

                  -making sure the Affordable Care Act benefits children

                 -securing federal funding for programs that transport children to medical  


                -improving health information technology to reduce costs of health care

Provides comprehensive  health care to the nation's  most  medically underserved children
through the development  and support of innovative primary care,medical programs and the guaranteed health care for the children.


Founded in 1987 by Paul Simon and Irwin Redlener after they visited a homeless shelter and saw all the children in need. The organization began when they created their first mobile care unit and started offering health care to underprivileged children in New York.

It reaches all the children who need medical help and are not able to get it.
Mostly this are the homeless children or the poor with no enough money. The organization has cared for more than 200,000 children.

This group is very supportive to the children who have difficulties in getting their medication.
It supports them and provide their health needs. Members are invited to fun benefit parties in addition to having the satisfaction of helping children.

Healthy children are good children in everything and will grow to create a better generation.
So by joining this group we are going to help the children all over America,and this will even improve the nation  and save many children.

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