Jake La Ronge October PE project

Option #13

I took a yoga class at Yoga Hut with Jimmy Jacques, and Hayden Powless. It was free and really fun, it wasn't at all crowded, it was easy and everybody could do it. It was only 45 minutes that went by super fast. It was very relaxing and quiet, I would defiantly do it again if I got the chance. I would recommend that if you need some time to relax go to one of the classes at Yoga Hut.

Option 6

I went to the park right off of Velp ave. it is very close to my neighborhood and I go there with friends all the time, we have a great time every time we go.

Option 9

I did a volleyball skill.

Option 10

I did the football skill twice with different skills and created 2 different IMovies for  both of the skills.

Option 12

I made an IMovie for the frisbee golf skill.

Option 8

1. Capture the flag - All you have to do is pick out two objects and hide them in a yard or other place. Then you divide into two teams and the place is split in half. Then you have to try to get across to the opposing teams side and find their flag and return it to your side, then you win. But if you get tagged while you are on the opposing teams side then you are put in jail and a teammate has to cross onto the opposing teams side and high-five you and you are free.

2. 500 - You get a football, everybody except one person gets into a group. The single person takes the football and says either 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500. Then he or she throws the ball and the group of people try to catch it. Who ever catches it gets the points and the first one to 500+ points gets to go up and the last thrower gets into the group. If nobody catches the ball then nobody gets the points.

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