Haley Lake and Madison Kelly :)

In India they have very different rules then they do in America for example you can never pour your own drink. In India it is also good manners to never use your left hand while eating and to keep it by your side. Most Americans all get their food at the same time when eating with a group. In India the honnored guest gets their food first then a bunch of different people then at last the woman get their food. If your get invited to eat with someone in India do not ask your spouce to join you it is concitered rude because inviting them could make that person uncomfortable. Indians also may be separated from into groups of men and woman to go to different tables and eat seperatly. I found that mannrs in India are very diffrent then manners in America. Many of Indias rules of manners surpised me. They surpised me because they are very diffrent from manners in America. In America it is ok to eat with both hands and when eating everyone eat together. It is important to know the etiquette of a place before you travel so you know what to expect.

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